About Iran Human Rights Society

Iran Human Rights Society reflects the news and pains of prisoners and their families.

We want a free and peaceful Iran , without execution and torture.

In this series, we seek to preserve full independence of news and work, and to be the voice of all prisoners who oppressed, tortured and executed in the prisons of the Islamic Republic without censorship or discrimination.
We are the voice of all prisoners from Turks, Lors, Baluch, Arabs, Kurds and Persians, of all faiths, creeds and professions.
We disclose the names and details of all those who serve this corrupt system in prisons and who are involved in widespread violation of human rights in the dictatorial prisons of Velayat-e Faqih through execution, torture, harassment and insulting prisoners.

We are not affiliated with any party, organization or political movement, and our colleagues are made up of released prisoners, families of prisoners, friends and supporters who voluntarily work against execution and torture.

Our reporters are friends who proudly provide us with news and developments in prisons and human rights violations in Iranian cities and provinces.

In this series, we call for the dismantling of the dictatorship of Velayat-e Faqih (Guardianship of the Jurisprudence) from Iran.
Financial resources of Iran Human Rights Center are entirely independently funded by those involved and friend’s network.

Note: Iran Human Rights Center(website) was active and working for seven years under the name “No to prison – No to Execution” on en.javanehha.com And now, for progress and promotion and to make working as active as possible and also to fix technical defects, the name and domain of the site and center changed.